Komal Sodhi, MD

Komal Sodhi, MD
Clinical Research


Associate Professor


Clinical Research


Dr. Sodhi's principle research focus is to investigate contributions of chronic oxidative stress and metabolic imbalance as it pertains to development of obesity and diabetes with associated long-term complications. Past research has focused on physiological and molecular aspects at (dys) regulation of the cellular antioxidant defense system i.e. the heme-heme oxygenase system in association with chronic redox imbalance. She has also studied the impact of adipocyte dysfunction on vascular endothelial integrity through the prism of heme oxygenase.

Dr. Sodhi's research also entails examining HO-dependent regulation of eicosanoids and their physiological effects, particularly in the vasculature and perivascular adipocytes. Her diverse research projects have encompassed cell culture, animal models, molecular and cell biology and oganotypic cultures.


  • Member - American Heart Association


  • Medical School: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (Indore, India)
  • Residency: Jaipur Golden Hospital (New Delhi, India)