BP1_3905-X2If your child has problems involving the nervous system, a Pediatric Neurologist has the special training and experience to treat your child. Examples of such problems are seizures, delayed speech, weakness, or headaches.

Pediatric Neurologists often diagnose, treat, and manage the following conditions:

Pediatric Neurologists combine the special expertise in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, muscles, nerves) with an understanding of medical disorders in childhood and the special needs of the child and his or her family and environment.

In many cases, child neurologists work as a team with pediatricians or other primary care doctors. In addition, child neurologists may work with other pediatric specialists to care for children who have more complex or serious medical issues, such as epilepsy, birth defects, or mental retardation. These are chronic conditions that require ongoing care and close follow-up throughout childhood and adolescence.

For more information about Pediatric Neurology clinic and services at the Neuroscience center, please visit: http://musom.marshall.edu/medctr/neuroscience/